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  • NCERT Class 11th

  • NCERT Class 12th

  • PUC 1st Year

  • PUC 2nd Year

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  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics

  • Biology

  • Computer Science


  1. It makes Concepts Clearly & Easily understandable.
  2. Learn accordingto your timings.
  3. You can watch repeatedly any number of times.
  4. Learned things Remains in your memory for long time.
  5. Animation Videos Reduses your require Time to understand a concept.
  6. Animation Videos makes the Concepts clearly understandable without any confusion.
  7. Smart learning can be used at anytime, anywhere with any device.

Physics Animation Videos

Dispersion of light-Ray optics

Focal Length of Spherical mirrors-Ray optics

Electric Charges & Fields

Chemistry Animation Videos

Blast furnace-General Principals

Alcohol Nomenclature–Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Purification of colloidal solution-Surface Chemistry

Mathematics Animation Videos

Property 2-Vectors

Types of Matrix-Matrices

Relations-Relations and Functions

Users Review


Magical experience and its worth a lot than what I payed for this. Previously I feel very difficult to understand & I thought PCMB are an very difficult subjects but now I can understand the concepts more easily and clearly and PCMB are my favorite subjects.

I recommend “Smart learning” to every pu science student.


Videos are really good. Easily understandable over all good experience. now I am scoring very good Marks in all tests.

Sharon Y

it is good. nice Video quality in better understandable accent. worthfull. I recommend “Smart learning” to all pu science student.


i feel like dream come true now I can read according to my timing I can watch video repeatedly till i understand it isnice & so helpful for me. MCQ’s are most helpful in CET preparation.

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