Cancellation and Refund Policy

Smart solutions offers only online products and services. Once the customer has paid for these, they are activated and can be used immediately. Cancellation requests of products and/or services once bought are not accepted. Hence, no requests for refunds will be entertained.

Payments, Discount and Cancellation

Our continued services shall always be subject to complete realization of subscription amount in our accounts as clear funds. In the event, we do not receive the entire subscription amount as clear funds in our accounts before expiry of 72 business hours from the time your subscription is activated by us, we shall be at liberty to stop/ temporarily discontinue your subscription. We shall resume your service as and when we realize the subscription amounts as aforesaid. Smart solutions reserves the right to amend discounts and the way in which they are calculated without prior notice. It also reserves the right to amend the Validity dates of the discounts. Smart solutions reserves the right to suspend or terminate any offers / discounts or alter the terms and conditions stated herein at any time without prior notice. The Price on Store may or may not reflect the price after discount. Offers cannot be combined for additional discounts.

Usage policy for Home work Help/Ask the Expert

With Smart solutions online Course, you are eligible to get answers for 500 doubts in a year, from the Expert. You can get answers to a maximum 100 doubts in a month and maximum 5 doubts in a day. for any doubts or questions Experts will respond usually within 24 hours some time it may take more than that. This will be applicable for all subscribed users of